Complementing our urban logistics offerings are a range of value-added services that make us a trusted one-stop partner. We specialise in managing high-stress seasonal promotions for both retail and e-commerce customers, ensuring fast and high-quality packing and delivery. You can also rely on us for post-promotional event services such as unbundling and disposal.

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Inbound and outbound services

We handle all types of labelling requirements, including importer labelling and expiry date labelling for all of your products. You can also count on us to manage customised price tagging for retail, as well as the provision of pallets, cartons and specialised packaging for all your business needs.

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Repacking services

Offering your products as a bundle pack? We can repackage your items efficiently in our warehouse. Vice versa, we also provide unbundling services once your promotions are over.

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Gift-with-purchase packing services

Running a promotion? Let us help you package the gifts you would like to give away with select purchases.

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Disposal services

Disposal of damaged, expired or recalled stocks can be a time-consuming, and a costly process. Use our bins for convenience or let us take care of disposal for you in a safe, hassle-free manner.

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Manpower Staffing

Need a helping hand? Our team can provide you with trained manpower to help with your event or disposal needs.